Thursday, 4 August 2011

Madi's Efforts

My grand-daughter, Madi, has been here for two days and one thing she has done for me is to turn a large number of skeins of wool into balls. These are the weft yarns for seven cushions, one ball will do each cushion. All  are natural dyed by our dyeing guru, Ros Wilson. Madi also did the same for a lot of yellow Borg wool I have - I intend to weave a double width blanket on the Megado as soon as I have finished the cushions for the October Exhibition. And I have actually got the cushions warp onto the Megado and started weaving.

Here is the first cushion. The warp looks greyer than it is. It is more mid-blue. Madi was a great help here. Sectional warping is fine with the Megado and can be done by one person but warping up by yourself in the ordinary way (not sectional) is very trying and a second pair of hands (Madi's) was an enormous help. It weaves up very fast. It is, after all, 12 epi.

This is the completed yellow and purple scarf for the Exhibition which is a great disappointment to me. The yellow sections are actually log-cabin in two different shades of yellow. But it is hardly visible. It's a perfectly nice scarf but it id not how I envisaged it! Howls of despair.  The two shades of yellow should have been far more different.

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  1. Oh I really like it! But of course I hadn't imagined it in advance so I'm not making that internal comparison...



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