Saturday 14 September 2019

It is a long time since I wrote a blog. I have been busy catching up meeting deadlines and generally getting on. I have made progress in weaving. The last thing I finished was a tablecloth with trees on it, intended for the Guild exhibition. I have put in two stewarding sessions at the exhibitionand lots of questions asked.
What I then put on the Schacht was a Swedish overshot which I got from 'The Weave of the Month Club'. It seemed rather interesting. On four shafts with a black and white ground and, in my case a red pattern. The draft was given with instructions and they used a brown linen pattern. After a few repeats, I decided against this colour scheme, finished off that one and started gain with maroon which was thicker anyway and looked much nicer.  But I did not like it, mostly because the repeat is 40 wefts and it is difficult to keep all the throws correct. Although I worked out a method of reducing errors, I would not swear I got everything correct. I will not be doing this draft again. A couple of photos are shown below.

So all tidied up and ready for the next project and I have just changed my mind about that. I was going to do some Quigley on the Schacht. Sure enough, it is only 8 shafts but the treadling is horrendous. I have a lovely draft but not for the Schacht. For the Megado and this needs another 7 yards weaving. So I will do something less taxing.

I have done another job which took the stuffing out of me. A friend of mine is currently editor of the yearbook for the British Iris Society and she decided that it was time an elderly member told the BIS all. Because I live very near him, I was nominated for the job of taking down his words (He cannot write well these days) and then I discovered it had to be done by the end of September so a mad scramble. It has been delivered to the editor. But - - much shaking of head.

The other thing (nice thing) that is coming up is the start of the autumn print classes. I have been to a wonderful exhibition of 1930s lino cuts at Dulwich Gallery. In October, I am off for ten days to Valencia, our summer holiday.


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I am weaver and - -. I dye my yarns with acid dyes, I paint my warps, put fabric collages and stencils on my weaving. I have three looms, a 12 inch wide, 12 shaft Meyer for demos and courses, a 30 inch Louet Kombo which is nominally portable but has a stand, two extra beams and a home-made device containing a fan reed. And last a 32 shaft Louet Megado which is computer controlled, has a sectional warp and a second warp beam and I am the proud owner of an AVL warping wheel which I love to bits and started by drilling holes in. I inserted a device for putting a cross in. I have just acquired an inkle loom and had a lesson from an expert so I can watch TV and weave at the same time. I am interested in weaving with silk mostly 60/2 although I do quite a bit with 90/2 silk. I also count myself as a bookbinder with a special interest in Coptic binding.