Thursday, 9 September 2021

Jeremiah Fielding

 I forgot to add that Alice Schlein wrote a very flattering comment on the Draughts of Jeremiah Fielding in her blog of 4th September. You can read by selecting from the list of blogs I read in the lefthand column.

Worling Hard but

Working hard but getting nowhere! Certainly not on the weaving front. I have finished tying on the Megado, woven some samples for colour and found four errors. One is corrected but I have had no time to do more. Not sure what I have been doing except tidying up after the linocut course at the end of July!! We have bought a small press. Not anything like an Albion but a modern one from Germany. It took me a bit of practise to get a good result. 

But we are off to Norfolk on Saturday and  getting ready for that. I have bought a new laptop with all the trauma that entails. Mostly it is okay but the USB ports are all these little ones and I have have stuff that needs the old sort (camera memory card reader for instance) and find it difficult to be quite sure that the pictures on line are really the right thing. Bah

But of course I do have some nice photos of Wales from our week in Abergavenny.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

More on the Ghost Warp

 I have started tying on the new warp. It is slow but My hands are remembering the technique for the knots and I am speeding up.

The photos below show  views of the front of the reed - where all the action is. The lease sticks nearest the reed hold the ghost warp. The other set hold the new warp. I wound four separte warps in shades of blue plus a pale grey plus a lovely spaced dyed in blue Tencel.

I reckon it took three hours to tie on one warp. The problem now, I mean at this very moment) is the temperature of 30 degrees. The studio with the Megado has a southfacing sloping roof which ensures a very uncomfortable work space. So I have given up tying on and set about my next big job. 

I have been remiss for the last 18 months on photography. Oh I have done some but just gardens, dogs, bits in Photoshop for lino cuts but I am going for a course in the Brecon Beacons in August and need to remember the proper ways to do things. So far I have read the first couple of chapters in a very good book on the Nikon D3400. Tomor5row I shal pick up the camera!

And on the topic of lino cuts, I have completed two recently that I liked. London Skyline first then Lobster Pots

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Ghost Warp

 I have put a ghost warp on the Megado. Various points to note. You have to decide what epi is going to be used for the main weavings and then the ghost warp needs to be the same or very near the same epi. Since the ghost warp is not being woven for use, you can use what yarn colour you want in any order. Also you can mix the yarn sizes provided you are not too far from the main one. So there were 720 ghost warp ends and I did tie on and weave a bit looking for errors. I found two in 720. Not bad going. Now it is all done and I have two sets of lease sticks in front of the reed, one is the ghost warp and one in the first true warp. 

 Will post some photos when I start tying.

Sunday, 20 June 2021

Curtain Fabric finished

 At last the curtain fabric is finished, hemmed and cut off the Megado. It is currently sitting in a pile on the dining room table so that I can (some time soon) inspect it for mistakes before washing it all. 

Apart from the tomato plants which seem to take up too much of my life, I have been thinking about the Megado and eventually decided that what was really bothering me was warping up. I am old and stiff these days. But if I could spend as much time as it takes to put on a ghost warp, a lot of problems would disappear. No more threading and sleying for as long as the ghost warp lasts. Sooooo. I will put on a straight draw on 16 shafts at 24 epi (for 8/2 cotton of which I have masses). It will be 30 inches wide and I have created several nice drafts already including a 4CDW. Length will be 2.5 metres. 

I am so taken with this idea that I will do the same on my 8 shaft Schacht. I will have to crawl under the loom to change the treadling but I can manage that. The Schacht will be devoted to tweed and things woolly.

And as Cally Booker said `you can always do double weave with a much thicker yarn`.

The Bracknell College has reopened to much joy and the Columbia Press has been repaired. It prints so much better than doing the printing by hand. I have corrected a lot of small errors, especially in the clouds and am printing in four colours!!! An edition of 12 has been printed and I must start on the next linocut (lobster pots).

Saturday, 8 May 2021


 There is a lot of it about this year. Very noticeable. This means greenery and animals/birds. The local wood has had a superb show of wood anemone. I am told this is a sure sign of an ancient woodland. Well I had noticed the enormous oaks. After the anemones, came a carpet of celandines and now the place is a marvellous show of bluebells. They were nothing like so widespread last year. This year they are everywhere. Our house backs onto this little wood.

And the slightly further away is Wokefield Common which stretches for miles and miles. First the birches, followed by rowans (Hundreds of seedling rowans this year) and alders. No oaks yet and certainly no flowers at all!!

Now the wildlife which all happened in our garden yesterday, startling all of us, the dogs as well. We came out to walk the dogs at 6.45 am and Jerry stiffened and peered at our tiny front garden. Our collie was similarly anxious and came up to investigation. At which moment, something ran along the fence and disappear to a narrow slot by the house - but that is a dead end. So it must have turned back. It burst out of this slot and headed away from the house at very high speed. A Munkjack!

The second happening was in the back garden. It being a nice day we were drinking tea there when a sparrowhawk burst out of the sky, took a baby blackbird from its nest just over our fence in the neighbours garden. And departed. Oh dear. 

Both happenings were a first for us. I have noticed a lot more birds around the garden this year. Normally we have only robins and blackbirds. This year we have blackbirds, robins, sparrows, starlings, a thrush, magpies, rooks and tits of some kind nesting in our camellia (2 nests).

But of course there is also progress in doors on the Megado. Got to 3 metres now. Still on track to finish by the end of May. I am trying to decide what to put on next.

Thursday, 29 April 2021


Progress is being made on the Megado - but there was a very serious hiccup. Over last weekend, the lap top took to switching itself off - -  without any warning. But it could be turned on again and nothing had been lost. Until eventually, it refused to switch on. So I had to send for our on-call computer man who pronounced that it was overheating and if I changed to a Solid State hard drive and used a cooler, it would be okay. And so he cloned my hard drive (which means the old one is a backup.) and actually it does not get the least bit hot. which it did before, and now seems okay. Nevertheless, I am shutting everything down after an hour of use and after taking a note of where the pattern had got to. It does mean I have lost three days when I could have been weaving.

However I have woven two metres and calculations show that I do not have to order up more yarn from William Hall. So I am still on track to finish all 6 metres by the end of May.

Not done much else except watch a Zoom talk by Lester Capon, President of the Designer Bookbinders. His bindings are stupendous. I have not been so bowled over in a long time. I have four A5 textblocks all prepared for binding and the bindings cut out but they have just been discarded while I set out a new episode in my bookbinding. Mind you, he works in leather and I do not but I will do some trials with bookcloth. 

The last bit of news which is an annoying event is that I have to have a procedure next Sunday, sticking a camera down my throat without an anesthetic. Nasty but in a good cause. That is not the annoyance. That is that I must self isolation from now (Thursday) until Sunday afternoon. Not to see anyone, Not to leave the house. It sounds as if gardening is not allowed, nor dog walking. And all this despite having had two vaccinations. Bah.


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