Friday, 20 May 2022

Norfolk again

Back to Norfolk for 2 weeks. This time there seems a great deal of wildlife, roe deer, stoats, rabbits. I have heard foxes barking. Not to mention birds. The swans have 7 cygnets and come round the caravans looking for scraps, accompanied at a safe distance by mallards. We feed the swans bread which is allowed but not allowed to the mallards. There are lots of different birds, egrets, oystercatchers, megansers (very handsome in black and white and red) and too many geese. They cackle nonstop. Below is Holkham Beach just after high tide.

I brought a load of craft stuff, Lino block to cut, warp to wind, but have done nothing except walk the Norfolk Coastal path with the dogs who are very happy. But NOW I am going to wind some warp.

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