Thursday, 26 November 2020

I am cross

I am cross with myself. I have used thicker weft yarns and yes that is okay. What is not okay is the length of the floats. So I examined the draft with care and yes, there are horrible floats. It will not do. So I will discard the warp. I have worked on a fancy twill (no long floats anywhere in this one. And I will continue with my plan to space dye some wool for the warp. Although I am going to wind the warp and space dye that. So must go and get on with it.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020


It is nearly a month since I lasted blogged and things have happened!! I have warped up the Schacht with a Bateman pattern (see draft below) and warped using Daryl`s method which worked beautifully. Only problem the further I got the more I was worried about the warp. It is cashmere and lovely stuff but it seems very stretchy. I checked the sett (20 epi) by wrapping but - but. When I came to weave the first pattern, it was clear the sett was wildly wrong. Measurements showed it should have been more like 35 epi. What to do? The options seem to be

1) Take off the warp and throw it out. It was a pig to thread up.

2) Resley. Problem is the current  width is 12 inches and if I resley to 35 epi, the width will be 7 inches which is too narrow for a scarf. I have not enough yarn to add to what I have as warp and anyway that would take a lot of effort.

3) try and find thicker yarns for the weft. 

I decided that starting with Option 3 could do no harm and I actually managed to find suitable yarn. The colours are not what I would wish. The original eft was white  wool and the same  black/red of the warp. The replacements are pale lavender wool and a flecked dark brown. The floats are a bit long and I will soldier on. I am thinking of winding a second warp for 20 epi and tyeing that on to what is left of the current warp when I get to the end.


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