Sunday 23 June 2019

London for the Day

Dorothy and I have not done an exhibition in London since last August - due to me being ill. So yesterday (Saturday) we sallied forth to The Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition and enjoyed ourselves no end criticising. Lots of lovely etchings and prints. In years gone, they did not appear. And something else that did not appear - - architectural models and phots. I was so struck by that room that at the end, I returned to that room and did it again. Great fun.

We also looked at the Students Show. Ah well. I am still in the era of 1950. I did not understand or appreciate anything.

After several hours, we went to Waterstones which is just across the road. My idea was a manual on Photoshop CC and Lightroom as I have just bought a contract to these. I did look up amazon but there were so many books that I thought I would like to look inside. Hence Waterstones. Well It was a disgrace. All they had was Photoshop etc for Dummies. I mean. Waterstones!!!! So that failed and we went home very tired but I did survive which was Dorothy's worry.

And I took some photos with the Canon from the train. Battersea Power Station under re-construction for Apple.

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Home again

We were supposed to return from Dorset on Saturday. On Thursday, it was torrential and the dogs were unenthusiastic about outside - so was I. On consideration of the weather forecast, we went home and got ever such a lot done - as is often the way when you get handed an unexpected spare day. And the week went well. This means I have accomplished a lot of deadlines. But I have not sorted out the Dorset photos yet though I have realised that the ones of Crofton beam engine are much better than I thought at first. But it will take be some hours to sort everything out. I have now got Lightroom but no user guide or manual.

I have also bought a very grand printer for printing photos. Fortunately WEX Video (the supplier) has presented me with £120 worth of high class paper to practice on the printer. I am looking forward to this.

And the attached photos are taken by the canal.

And I am getting somewhere with lino-cuts. I have put one (neatly framed) into an exhibition. Much encouragement from the tutor. I seem, without recognising it, got much more ambitious.

Sunday 9 June 2019

Bowlease Cove

Went to the coast and walked on the shingle, not very comfortable but the dogs loved being off lead. A few photos taken.

Crofton beam emgine

On Saturday, we set out in two cars, and removed ourselves with all the clobber that two humans and two dogs need for a week in a holiday cottage in Dorset. Dorothy took the dogs because I was stopping off at Crofton to view the beam engine there.  I took hundreds of photos. It was not a steam day so I must return on a steam day to see it all working.

Friday 7 June 2019

More photography

Last Sunday I went to Vauxhall and took photos of skyscrapers and modern architecture. I have not got to the end of this topic yet and I intend to go into London Bridge station and work around there and later to take the boat up and down the Thames, photographing as I go.  So here are the results of  last Sunday.
Battersea Power Station from Vauxhall Bridge
I discovered later that this is the new US embassy

Next week (starting tomorrow) we are in Dorset and I intend to spend the week on the coast, rocks, shingle, the lot. WE are taking the dogs to a rented cottage. Should be interesting especially as the weather forecast says it is going to rain all week!!


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