Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Last Two Cushions

I have tied on the dark indigo warp to the ghost warp and woven two cushion fronts for Ros Wilson, our esteemed natural dyer who dyed all 33 cushion wefts to order. She choose to have a dark indigo warp and a madder weft and I was very dubious about the colour choice . It seemed like a very dark combination. I take it back. It has ended very classy. The above  photo shows it unwashed but that will be done today. 

I have so much dyed wool left that I have decided to tie on yet another warp and weave enough for a long jacket. I intend to felt it more than I felted the cushions. I had a nasty moment when I could not find my cone of undyed yarn to use as weft but eventually tripped over it in the upstairs room - partially under the desk. Which tells you that 6 weeks of not being here or paying attention to textiles has left the upstairs room full of stuff to be put away. So I did put everything away and surfaces have re-appeared. I have done some calculations on how much yarn I need for the warp and will wind that as soon as the Newbury Coat report is completed. My Mayday call to the Guild has produced lots of nice inputs and my job for today is to put these all together.

Yesterday afternoon, I washed out the cold frame with Jeyes fluid. The metalwork was gleaming at the end. I did not rinse the Jeyes fluid off as sitting overnight has to be bad for the bugs! So today I will wash it down and reassemble it. The poor thing was been much neglected over the last three years. I want it ready to take plants if we have another bad winter. In the meantime, I do feel virtuous.

The other job for today is to add more heddles to the Voyager. I needed more heddles on Shaft 2 and attempted to do this with a warp on. A very bad idea. I ended up with fewer heddles on Shaft 2, not more. So I bought 200 heddles and will take the thing apart and and make up all the shafts to the same number of heddles. I have a warp prepared for it which is an experiment. S and Z twist and high twist in black and white. I have read about the effects you can get and am curious about this.


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