Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Dublin

It is 0530 am and I am having croissant and tea in Dublin airport! Weird isn't it? Got to Logan Airport in plenty of time, plane to Dublin on time, slept a bit but flight time is only 5.5 hours. Plane for Stockholm leaves in an hour. I remembered as I queued at the cafe that Eire uses Euros and scrabbled in a bag for a purse full of them. When I get to Stockholm, I will have to buy some kroner otherwise I will not get to the hotel.

Yesterday morning I listened to the juror of the Catwalk Show as she walked us round the entries. Very interesting, just as keen on neatness and tidy seams as Daryl Lancaster but with more emphasis on fashion. One piece was dismissed as 'verging on costume' which was true but it was nice. There were pieces there which were appallingly finished inside. Gill Arnold would never allow that. Altogether worthwhile.

The day before, Friday, I attended a class on network drafting from Robyn Spady who is a good lecturer. She does network drafting quite differently and I understand it much better. Like turning drafts, it pays to do it with graph paper and pencil. It teaches me a lot about what is going on.

Still no decisions as to major projects. Rosie has a challenge in September which is 'green'. And I have a wish to do some pleated double weave which I saw in the new book by Stenton. That means completing the double weave on the Louet which has been there for four years. I need this loom back in use because it has two warp beams.

So the order is

- wind on, tie on and weave small Newbury Coat this week. Time will be spent dyeing weft. I have quantities, several kilos, of white weft and I do not want to dye it all. The Guild in the shape of Yvonne Withers. Thinks we could sell the yarn to members if it was white and ready to dye.

- wind Tencel warp (before next Saturday) and tie it for Ikat. I want to try out some ideas. This job has to be done this week because the Guild Dyeing day is next Saturday and I am taking the Burco Boiler for an indigo vat.

- weave up Louet which, as I recall, is very slow. There are two layers of Tencel 30/2. I need about ten sections, each six inches long. That is sixty inches and, if I work hard, I might get twelve inches a day done.

Then I mount the warp for the green pleated scarf on the Louet and weave it.

All to be done before August 16th when I take the TGV to the South of France along with the entire family. TGV = train grand vitesse. And is it fast!!

I am slowly conquering iweaveit which is on the iPad. I need to buy some addons and will work on it this week. I want to design a piece of reversible tweed. Debbie Richardson, by the way, has a stunning reversible coat woven of double faced cloth in Tencel. But writing lists is the most important thing.

No photos today. I am sitting in a cafe and the idea of digging out camera, cables and rigging them is too much.

I can say I enjoyed Convergencec. I have come away with a lot of ideas especially about colours picked up from Rosie and Debbie. Lots of meals out with pleasant people. Now off to catch the next plane.

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