Thursday, 17 July 2014

Fabric Design

Yesterday's class was on fabric design. The tutor has had many pieces in Convergence Fashion Shows. I suppose the most interesting thing I learnt was her enthusiasm for sampling. She goes as far as trying out seams and buttonholes on her samples to see how well the fabric stands up to handling. The tutor, Sarah Jackson, had at least two items in the Catwalk Show which was held last night. No photos but I might get some when the pieces are all exhibited. There were about sixty pieces and only about five which you could walk down the street in without exciting comment. Some of the pieces were stunning. My favourite was a kasuri jacket. I would give my back teeth to be able to do that. It won second prize. But more on this when I have been to the exhibitions.

Rosie Price weaving one of her colour wheels. She says she has learnt a huge amount and is going home with four sets of samples as is Debbie who can be seen in the background above and below. She is winding yet more bobbins.

So what else? Well I have to confess to buying a Randall Darwall jacket which had hit the credit card badly. I started by looking at the scarves, found there was a rack of jackets, found this, tried it on and it fits perfectly. How could I walk away? I also bought yarn from Just Our Yarn. At Tampa Bay, I bought from them but made the dreadful mistake of buying one skein of each colour way I liked. This meant there was not enough of any one yarn to do a large project. This means skeins are to be bought in multiples and I did.

The yellow one is a singlet. Intended as an accent colour, of course. The bottom four are 20/2 tencel while the red and black at the top are cashmere. Useless as warp but will be okay as weft. Black silk warp?

Today we have a keynote lecture at eight so I must dress and get on. Two nice half day seminars today, one on turning drafts and one on network drafting.

I have, by the way, tracked down where the yardage entries are hung but could not take photos. The staff were setting up a banquet round them. I will return today. And there is more to see/buy in the Vendors' Hall.


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  1. Sounds like you're having a good time at Convergence. Just Our Yarn is one of my favorite vendors, too. At least one skein reaches out and grabs my arm each time I walk by their stall...



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