Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Lots of Paperwork

I am getting through the paperwork which I must complete before Friday when I set out for Convergence. I did finish another double cover binding.
The spine is covered with fabric as well.
And here are the endpapers. I found half a sheet of this and it fits very well with the cover. That is bookbinding over for a couple of weeks. If I do anything in this line this week, it will just be to prepare a few textblocks.
I have started on dyeing yarn for the small Newbury Coat. Or rather I have continued. I did a lot which has been turned into a warp but I need more for the warp. Last Saturday, I was handed a bag full of spun yarn for the warp and I am going to dye that and what I had left undyed, in total about 600 gms. I can only dye 200 gms at a time and it takes a long time. This is because, with these dyes (called Landscape and from Australia), I have to leave the yarn in the pan and let it cool down. I complained some months ago (February) that the bath was not exhausted and was given this dye about cooling by a reader for which I am very grateful. It works! But it will take all day. I am hoping it will be done by 8 this evening because I could do another lot and let it cool over night.
Yesterday I went round to the College to see the year-end exhibition. Very good and very interesting. The dress-making was fantastic. So was the sculpture. What did have repercussions was the calligraphy display. A thought struck me on seeing this and I got the College to give the tutor my name and phone number. She rang in the afternoon. What I wanted her to do was do a title cover for Sir Patrick Spens. I have been mucking about in Photoshop with fonts and sizes and not found anything I thought was suitable but these calligraphy pieces looked as though there was lots of potential so she has undertaken to do it for me. She probably thinks I am mad but you know that. You can see her work here.  

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  1. What a beautiful book cover! Have a wonderful time at Convergence. I'm sorry I won't see you there.



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