Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More Enjoyment

I was asked for a photo of me in a canoe so I got some from Derek

Madi and me in our canoe.

All of the canoeists approaching the neighbouring island.
Today we went to a castle which has a museum attached and was reported to have a craft fair. This turned out to be a mistranslation and it was really demos of crafts, black smithing, rope making, boat building. And paint making. This was highly entertaining. And it is the making of the Cherokee Red colour that a lot of houses are painted in. Apparently it goes off fast so you decide you are going to paint the house next week and start boiling up at once. The ingredients are various and obtainable on the islands. Copper leftovers from copper mining, oil(should be linseed but that is expensive so they use fish oil). Flour, must be rye!!, various poisonous chemicals. Stir well over a wood fire until it boils and thickens. They were doing this in a very large pot, I guess forty or more litres, and the wooden spoon was several feet long. And it was very smelly.

There was someone spinning and we saw a two shaft floor loom doing a rag rug. Counter march. It had four treadles so it must be possible to add another pair of shafts.

Note the rather nice stove on the left, we have two in our house, and a sauna which was used this morning.

Spun yarn at the show.

House painted in Cherokee Red.

And a sunset. The sun does not set until 1030 and if you look at the sky at three am, there is red in the sky.

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  1. You are the a lucky one. Beautiful scenery and fun textiles. Enjoy your vacation.



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