Friday, 25 July 2014

Annual Viking Market

In the north of the island, they hold a three day Viking market once a year so we went. All the Vikings were dressed in thick wool robes and very hot. The temperature was more than 28 degrees C. But lots of things were happening.

Viking woman with skeins of natural dyed yarns. Madder and cochineal at the front bottom, then birch, then indigo (centre) and a Swedish tree (left and right) then at the top, various mixtures. Alas she was from Sweden. Quite a lot of the smallholders were from other parts of Scandavian including two Norwegian ladies who told me that there are lots of Viking markets in the UK, including at York which they attend. There are others in East Anglia and the North East. They were a bit astonished that I had never attended one but I pointed out that theVikings did not get to Mercia and all the local re enactments were of the Civil War.

Viking tents. People were living in these with everything in period.

A basket maker.

Lanterns for sale. They hold a candle. The near transparent wrap around cover is tanned salmon skin! I found several stalls with Inkle braids and skeins of wool but none were from Aland. There was someone with interesting bales of fabric for making Viking clothes but, on inquiry, that was imported from India. I did see a floor loom but it had been converted into a set of stocks!

So I only bought one thing which was very unexpected. I came across a stall selling leather ties, like ribbon so you can lace up the neck of your Viking robe. They had a wide range of colours and I bought for - guess what?- bookbinding. They are perfect for wrap around and tie book covers. I refused to buy any yarn because none of it was from Aland. I really thought there might be a warp weighted loom. There were lucets for sale and card weaving braid kits.


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