Sunday, 6 July 2014

More Bookbinding

I forgot to include a photo of the endpapers of the last book. Nice dragonflies, a paper bought in Sydney Botanical Gardens shop! I started on a second book with a double cover binding based on a book of cartridge paper all made up, folded and sectioned. So I have got as far as putting the spine cover on. This has fabric on the spine as well as on the covers and was carefully selected as to where to cut out the three pieces. I should explain that, when I need to glue paper on to fabric, I always do three or four extra pieces so I have a supply of these waiting.
I wanted to print on the piece for the front and the spine piece using my substitute JetFX. The printer played up, I did not read the instructions carefully enough but I was using scraps to practise on. Eventually I got it nearly right but not quite and decided this would not do and I would bind the book without any title. But an hour later, I wondered if it would take better on plain cotton, that is, without the paper backing. And it did beautifully. The fabric with the paper on must be too stiff.  The next question is what happens when you try pasting paper on the back. I did not try that but I did try brushing the reverse side with water enough to make it quite wet.
Ignore the Liquorice Allsorts and note that the text is all there without a flaw. So that will work. But it adds time to the bookbinding, an extra 24 hours. I have to select the fabric, decide which pieces are to be used, apply the text which all takes about an hour. Then back the fabric with paper and wait 24 hours for it all to dry.  In which tine I can be getting on with the first steps in the textblock.
Yesterday was Guild day and we were very busy. There seems to be a lot going on at the moment. I handed over the double weave blanket to be embroidered. This morning, I spent several hours working through all my notes from yesterday and bunging out emails, writing short articles, arranging for a leaflet to be printed etc etc. It only lacks two phone calls which I will do tomorrow.
I also sorted out papers for Convergence and dealt with the air flight forms. I fear that the other thing I have done is to discover that there is a channel with MASH on it. I recall going to the States some years ago on business and discovering that, by channel hopping, you could watch for hours! This channel has two episodes back to back on weekdays and four at the weekend. It is still very funny.

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