Sunday 27 July 2014

Last Day in Åland Islands

We have had a good day, a white tailed eagle on our land scowling at the other birds fishing in the shoal, two heron, a flock of grebes on said shoal. A trip to a Russian fortress built in early 1800s was not very interesting but the suggested walk round the fortifications was. A bit up and down vertically!

I took this photo to show how shallow the soil is over the solid ground. The soil and roots have just peeled away from the rock.

And here are clumps of conifers growing in little pockets of soil.

A dressed maypole

Some of the maypole decoration

A smaller maypole. These are shown because Kirsten said they were well-known.

An orchid - not a good photo but you get the idea.

And at last, some Aland sheep, pure white, pure black and mottled.

Tomorrow we leave at 0700 hours to catch the ferry to Stockholm, then a plane to Heathrow. I will sleep at Ruth's house tomorrow night and take a train home Tuesday morning. I have yet to pack but I never spend more than fifteen minutes packing. What is in my room has to be packed or thrown out.


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  1. Glad you found some! (maypoles, that is) Swe maypoles are usually a lot, hm, quieter - but where I live, we have something that might be inspired from The Åland ones -



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