Wednesday, 18 June 2014

PS The Garden

My black eye got more and more spectacular during the morning but is now fading. That did not stop me gardening and I planted out, potted up and inspected. A really big disappointment is that none of my calladiums came up. On today's inspection, they were all rotten. However the garden is flourishing.
This is a herbaceous paeony, Beauty of Bath, very definitely blousy and opulent and the blooms will not last long.

Please note the change of font to Georgia. I borrowed a book, Just My Type, from my son-in -law, Robin, to read in the USA and made lots of notes. I dislike Arial and Courier intensely. People say they are easy to read. My view is that elegance is equally important and anyway who says they are easiest to read - the software manufacturers who want an easy (=cheap) life. There is no point in arguing with me about this. Actually I like TRAJAN best but it has no lower case which is a pity. But Robin's book says there is a font based on TRAJAN which does have lower case. I have a note in Outlook listing all the fonts I think are worth looking at. I note that the author approves of the specials I use at the moment, Old Caslon and Plantin. If I had another life, I would devote it to letterpress.

Returning to the reason for using Georgia, Google blogger only offers seven fonts


Photoshop, on the other hand, offers lots and I have loaded in more. Experiments are needed.

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