Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A Black Eye

I am not feeling too good and do not look too good either. I managed to hit myself on the garage door last night and have a spectacular black eye today. I have very little enthusiasm for doing much.
I did manage to warp up a scarf on Monday which was based on some yarn which was injected dyed at the Hampshire Guild meeting. I finished weaving it yesterday, mended it, fringed it and washed it.

I have put the injection acid dyed yarn (red and purple) in the three central stripes and used up other bits and pieces of dyed handspun to make the other stripes. The weft is all handspun in natural dyed colours, sludge green, brown and yellow. Though to be honest, when woven and washed, I cannot see any colour difference in the weft! It is lovely and soft.
I also set about the warp yarn for the small Newbury Coat. I have dyed a lot of the warp yarn and decided the only way of checking whether I had enough was to wind the warp. So I did that and I have exactly enough when I include the three skeins I have not yet dyed.  So I have asked the spinners for another 150 to 200 gms - just in case.
I ought to start weaving on the Megado but I don 't feel like it and may put that off till tomorrow.

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