Thursday 5 June 2014

More Frank Lloyd Wright Day 5

'Today was a good day. We looked at three buildings by FLW. He designed a school for his aunts , Hillside School. When they retired he turned it into a school of architecture, which it still is. We saw round everything but no photos inside.

This is drafting office.

And this is it from the road. Then we were off to Taliesin East where Wright lived as well as worked. Rather a stunning inside. Interesting that his bathrooms were four square with proper sized doors.

The outside of Taliesin East. It is built near the top of a hill and sprawls all over the place so photos are difficult. I did take some but had deleted them as not showing anything.

The last house was the Jacobs house of 1937. It was the first of the Usonian houses which were meant to be cheap and show good design. This is a lovely house and the owner, a Wright enthusiast, took us all inside and let us swarm all over. I could relocate to it, no problem. I


The street frontage with Volvo in the carport. He invented the carport to reduce costs.

The garden side. On the left, a large living room, on the right bedrooms.

Inside the living room. Note that the internal walls are all wood exactly like the outside.

Dining room with table designed by Wright using the same wood as the walls. A lot of the furniture was designed by Wright and the owner was saying that most of Wright's furniture design can still be bought. Certainly I have seen a standard lamp for sale. If I could think of a way of getting it home I would buy one but they are pricey so it is just as well.

The standard lamp. In Mrs Wright bedroom in Taliesin, this fixture had small objects on each shelf as had the one I saw in the shop but after seeing a plain one, I think it is much to be preferred. In fact looking at the photo has made me regret not asking a few questions like, what kind of bulbs does it take and how much to ship it.

Oh well. I don't suppose we shall be seeing any FLW shops again.

I note that the houses we have seen today are quite cluttered which spoils them. One lets clutter grow and I am determined to reorganise everything when I get home. Back to Michael's minimalist decor.

PS and NB Does anyone know of a good yarn shop in Chicago not too far from the city centre?







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  1. Let Mr. Google do the shopping. I'm sure you can find that lamp online somewhere that ships...



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