Friday, 20 June 2014


Yesterday I prepared the cotton for cyano printing. This morning it had some marks where it was crumpled up. I could not lay it out flat without light reaching it. I think it would have to be done after dark and put to dry inside the house with all lights off and curtains drawn. I started working on it at 0830 because the forecast is rain later. It worked but - - . Because the sun moves, the shorter a time it is exposed the better. This means about 10 minutes. I used stencils and the first trials did not work for two reasons. I left them for 30 minutes and the sun moved so the edges were blurred and secondly the stencils were not pressed down hard against the cloth. The second lot worked much better because I taped the stencils to a sheet of Perspex first and laid that on the cloth. But it was marred by marks from not drying the cloth laid flat in the dark. And the last one worked best of all.

It is still wet and unironed. You can see purple marks from the crumpled areas at the bottom.
In the meantime, I have started on rebinding a paperback of Edward Lear's Nonsense poems and have selected the cover (from a 1920s linen tablecloth) and prepared a sheet of JetFx with the title and spine on it. These I created in Photoshop.

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