Thursday, 28 August 2014


In the garden there is the biggest albrizzia I have ever seen and it is flowering madly. But it flowers at the top of the tree and I cannot get a shot of it in enough detail. I first met one , well lots actually, growing wild in Tenessee and then in the south of France. They look a lot like mimosa in the leaf but the flowers are pink and white and feathery and grow in tight bunches of lots. I looked them up many years ago and persuaded Michael that my continued good health depended critically on having one of these. So we replanned the garden to plant it in a very warm place. Then I rang up the only firm in Britain who offered them for sale. I was sharply cross examined by the grower who ended up by refusing to sell me one. His argument was that only once in twenty years did it get hot enough in the Midlands for it to flower properly and I would just be very disappointed. I was quite cross and asked him who in the UK he did sell to. The reply was Cornwall Devon and the Scilly Isles and people with very large heated conservatories. Oh well. So for two weeks I have one close by and I gloat over it at least twice a day.

Yesterday was very hot and I refused to go shopping in the nearest town. Instead I spent a lot of time with iWeaveit and produced lots of drafts.

And a variant of draft published by Tien Chiu

These are all just practise and I have even managed to work out how to get a screen shot.

You might wonder what happens about feeding twelve people. The answer is a great deal of work and it has been my turn recently. Peeling potatoes for twelve is time consuming and tagliatelle has been substituted. In addition the dish washer is iffy. Never mind, home on Sunday!!





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