Saturday, 23 August 2014

Le Festival de Saint Louis a Aigues-Mortes

.Not far from us on the sea is an ancient town called Aigues-Mortes. It still has a complete wall and umpteen gates and you can walk round the ramparts. 800 years ago roughly Saint Louis, King of France, embarked from the town to fight the Crusades and it still thinks of itself as Saint Louis's town. So they celebrate on his birthday with a festival (like the Viking Market in Aland but more fun) and they have a serious procession. Today we got there early and pottered about until the procession started. I ought to say that half the town was in Mediaeval costume, even the waiters at the caf├ęs and restaurants. This meant that half the town was processing and the other half was there to see their friends which meant the procession stopped occasionally because one of the knights was kissing his way round a group of friends. But the procession also stopped for such important matters as doing a show of flag waving.

Or dancing to a Mediaeval band

Or waving graciously at the subjects

But sometimes they just got on with walking in woollen robes under a blazing sun

And chain mail of course.

There were stalls selling chain mail and bows and arrows, halberds, swords and I even saw a cross bow. I also saw several tiny looms which wove narrow strips from wool yarn. See red and blue strip at the top. Completely made of wood and I don't believe in it. Everything I have ever read says they used tablet weaving for narrow strips and a warp weighted loom for wide pieces. There was not one of either around. However it was all good fun and Charlotte bought a Mediaeval hat.


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