Tuesday 25 June 2013


The bourbon roses are out.

I even managed to sit beside the roses in the garden this morning which shows how warm it has become. I did some gardening, staking plants and young trees and pruning the tree paeonies. I missed so much this year, all the paeonies, camellias and the magnolia. It was the wrong time of year to go away for so long.
At present I am still tidying up computers which all takes a very long time. One of my problems that I have no record of the serial nos of some of the software and have had to go out and buy Acrobat again. I have a working and legal copy of Powerpoint so that has saved a lot of money. What I still need to do is rationalise the files, especially the photos between Dropbox and Web Albums. I like Web Albums (aka Picasa) because I can write comments against each photo if I want to and that is much quicker than going in Photoshop and writing text on the picture itself. But I reckon I need two days completely clear to do that and I have other things to do.
You will note the lack of comment about textiles. I am currently weaving the donsu with the textured pattern in green and gold. I am using a doubled 70/2 silk in the weft which is not perfect but I am using it up fast and I do not have enough to do a complete waistcoat. By not thinking about it for several days, I have thought of a way to use what I have woven plus another length which will be done in 30/2 silk. I have to decide what colour to get and who to get it from.

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