Monday 8 November 2010

Preparation for Next Sunday

I spent Sunday getting ready for next Sunday when I am teaching a class in Japanese -style bookbinding. Note the word 'style'. This is not purist stuff with the correct Japanese paper but more about the stab binding and how to make a hinged cover.

There are piles of decorated paper for covers, all labelled with what they are best for. My grand-daughter made up packs of paper (watercolour, sketch, cartridge and Khadi handmade) for me two weeks ago.

And yesterday I pasted five lots of fabric to paper.

Here they are drying. Each piece should do two A5 books. I ran out of prepared paste and need to do another lot soon, like tomorrow. I aim that the students should make at least two books and hopefully three, even if they have to finish the sewing at home.

I also need to finish writing the student handout. The demo stuff is all done. A last check will be made on Thursday. That will give me time to buy/make/acquire anything that is missing.

Michael did a lot of screen printing yesterday. Last time, he found it difficult because the table was too high for him in his wheelchair so I bought a tarpaulin at Halfords and put it down in his room, put my height adjustable table on top and that was fine. For the first time, the printing was done with Manutex and Procion MX dye and that worked well. The printed pieces are all in the garage drying. I will bring them in later and dry them off indoors.

The warp for the table mat is wound and ready to be put on the Louet Kombo. It has ended up as 22/2 cottolin in dark blue, brown and red with 2 threads of blue to one each of the others. I was getting fussed about weaving for the Christmas cards but have designed the 'table mat' warp to be used for cards as well. 

I am going to Cheltenham this afternoon with Anne, my daughter, to get some Christmas shopping done. At some point this morning, I need to think about what I want to buy!! But the builder is coming back to finish off the door and the McMillan nurse is coming to see Michael so maybe - but more likely it will be done in the car as I drive to Cheltenham.

I went to Kennet Valley Guild on Saturday and listened to a good talk on dyeing by Helen Deighan. Realised later that she talked using samples to hold up and illustrate her points - no slides - no Powerpoint presentation and all quite effortlessly.  The weaving group discussed the projected exhibition in November 2011 and agreed that a rainbow of scarves would be feasible so Rosie Price prepared bits of paper each with a colour written on it and these were handed out. There were some cries of 'Oh, no!!, I hate green' but a certain amount of swapping went on and everyone ended up happy. There will be 16 scarves in all. The idea is that only the overall colour effect is specified. the weavers can use dimensions, yarn, pattern as they please. I got yellow.

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