Saturday, 6 November 2010


This draft has come out badly in the above graphics file. I forgot until Rosie Price mentioned it yesterday that the guild has a weaving competition in December. Immediate panic. I did have  a plan - but it involved the Megado and I am not removing the ghost warp any time soon. So I downgraded the planned Biederwand on 24 shafts to Summer And Winter on 8 shafts and looked out all my cotton. In my enthusiasm and, dare I say it, haste, I designed the table mat in 2/20s cotton with 2/10s as the pattern weft. Looked great - until I came to think about how many heddles it needed. Too many was the answer and rather more than I have on the Louet Kombo. So I thought momentarily of adding more heddles but realised that, if it took that many threads to get the width, then it was unsuitable as a table mat which, I think, ought to be reasonably thick. Back to the drawing board or, in this case, Fibreworks. and the yarn stash. So I settled for 22/2 Cottolin and the above draft.  This will be down the left hand edge of the table mat.

Yesterday Michael went off to have a blood transfusion - without me -  as the builders were moving in. I assumed that I would get lots of small jobs done but got hardly anything done. Firstly the building work was all very noisy as they tore down a wall. And secondly all the stuff from Michael's room had to be distributed round the house so there was nowhere to work.  But by the time Michael returned at 1530, the new door (wider by 3 inches) was in place and a lot of making good had been done. They will be back on Monday to finish off. And the wheelchair now goes through that door with inches to spare. So mission accomplished.

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