Thursday, 25 November 2010

Feeling Better - or - Getting Things Finished

This was a few pieces of fabric  from the block printing exercises done last week at the Creative Textiles' class. My samples seem to be all printed in shades of purple and red. I did not realise it at the time although it might have been laziness and just using up any pots of paint that were lying around. 

Annette suggested that we should bring everything done so far this term tomorrow and consider layering techniques and we ought to do some at home. I did not feel up to much earlier in the week but I did consider the two artists I have been allotted, Annette has given us each two artists to write an appreciation of. Mine were John  Rocha and Albert Moore. John Rocha is he of '24 shades of black' and Albert Moore you can be forgiven not knowing. Think Lord Leighton only a bit sombre. Actually his still lifes of flowers are great but you can keep the maidens.  

 Today I dug out all the things to take tomorrow and decided to do something about one of the block printed pieces (Top left above). I added a bigger fish in Mola work. A bit of velvet dyed grey and pink for the body and orange poplin for the fins.

I am also sewing up a Coptic Book containing the sample handmade papers from Wake Robin Mill in the States. The interesting thing is that the papers have a definite smell (I am not good at smells). They seem tobacco-y. Not cigarette, not cigars but the smell of tobacco leaves in a drying shed.

And speaking of handmade paper, I have received the most fabulous (slightly early) Christmas present from my sister, Dorothy - a kit for making handmade paper. I am itching to get at it but I will be good!!!

I have finished weaving a sample table mat, It has been hemmed, measured, handwashed and measured, ironed and measured. It is within specification which is 36 by 46 cm (+/- 1 cm) excluding any fringes. Mine is 37 by 45 cm but I can't use it because I don't quite like the pattern and changed it halfway through 'just to see'. The second pattern is better  so I will weave another one.

Tomorrow I am going on from the class in Bourneville to Springs Spa which is at Ashby-de-la-Zouche to meet my daughters for a weekend there. Usually I spend a lot of time in the pool but I still have a cold so will have to be careful. I did wonder about going over to Uppingham but gave up the idea when I realised it would take the best part of 3 hours aller-et-retour. However there is a largescale Hobbycraft at Tamworth and I shall take that in! I have a list from Michael already.

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