Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Weekend at a Spa

I have not blogged for several days. This was done last Friday - printing on fabric at Bourneville. Dorothy gave me a bag full of foam letters to use in printing. I did try these last August but failed. They looked very blotchy. Since I am managing to print with blocks at Bourneville, I thought I would try again with the letters- and it worked. The secret is applying the paint. If I apply the paint with a brush or a roller, I get paint down  the edges of the letters which smudges when printed. The secret is to spread the paint very thin but evenly on a plate and use the plate as a stamp pad. The paint has to be re-spread after each use. I used the back of a spoon for that. The same phrase has been used over and over as I have a book project in mind and wanted to check that this technique will work for the cover fabric. There is going to be an artist's book exhibition next year in our local library.

This fabric has been printed and over-printed with a piece of string glued down to a piece of card. It did not survive having the paint washed off but is obviously a useful technique.
This Friday we are going to do screen printing.

From Bourneville, I drove straight to Springs which is near Ashby-dela-Zouche and met up with my daughters, Ruth and Anne for a spa weekend. The weather turned cold overnight on Friday but we were busy indoors doing aquarobics, Fitball and Tai Chi, not to mention massages and thalassotherapy (salt water pool with sprays built in). Oh and a bit of gossiping too.

Here are Ruth and Anne relaxing after their exertions.

And Anne is showing off some very fancy nail work!

A fountain in the grounds of Springs. There were some ducks walking about on the frozen surface of the water and looking very unhappy.

And a very nice pot inside Springs.

I reached home before dark on Sunday. Yesterday (Monday) I finished off the second table mat which looks much better. It was washed late last night and I hope to get it in the post today. It has snowed some more overnight but only an inch or so. I intend to get to Cheltenham today to finish my Christmas shopping. I am working on the principle that, if the carer for Michael can get here this afternoon then I can get to Cheltenham and back.

Anne asked me what my plans for a power cut were. After a bit of discussion, I have bought two new hot-water bottles and put Michael on the vulnerable register at npower. You read lots of tales of woe about utilities but the npower telephonist could not have been more helpful. The cupboard is stocked with UHT milk, bread flour and dried yeast and there is bread in the freezer.

I have done a bit more weaving on the Megado but it is very slow as I have to clear the shed for each weft. Only about six inches left of warp though.

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