Friday, 19 November 2010


I have started dyeing samples with Procion MX for the cover of 'Christmas Carol' This is the first. A bit too much light from the flash. The background is really a uniform iron gray. The next thing to do is trying bleaching the ghost shape. Actually the next thing to do is read the Thermofax Company's website and dispatch the title design to be turned into a Thermofax.

The knots in the ghost warp have passed into the Megado's castle. Normally the warp stick finishes a few inches below the bottom of the photo so I have already gained 10 inches of expensive warp. At this stage, the knots had not met the heddles. Since then the knots have made it half way through the heddles. It is slow going because I have to inspect the shed before each pass, from which you may deduce that I did not cut the knot tails short.  Yes it is slow but I would rather not risk an accident with a pair of scissors. I can clearly get yet another six inches out of this but the knots still have to clear the reed.

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