Saturday, 31 July 2010

My Halo has been burnished

I have been very hard working today and at 1630 am thinking of stopping off till tomorrow.

1) I defrosted the freezer with all that that means in the way of wrapping up everything in newspaper and washing all the drawers and the freezer inside when it was defrosted. The kitchen was hopeless while this was in progress
2) I have hemmed the Birds weaving ready for Exotica, using bias binding and weighted the lower hem with curtain weights.
3) I bought a cotton dress (circa 1960s) which was a little too small. I have let out the seams where needed and it looks/feels fine now. Michael is highly amused. 'You used to have dresses just like that' Why does he think I bought it?
4) Dorothy brought us a fine textile picture as a present recently. In order to hang it, I had to take down two others (Ravilious book plates) and re-hang all three. Step-ladders, pliers, screwdrivers et cetera.
5) I have cleaned up the garage and cleared the bench top for pasting paper to fabric for book covers. Six pieces of board in the cellars and suitable for this operation were put in the garage. I have mixed the paste needed for this and put it in the fridge. I have chosen six pieces of fabric trimmed them to be about 1 inch all round smaller than A2 because I am going to use A2 bank paper. All the fabric has been pressed and laid aside carefully.

I could do something about the loom bags but I don't feel I have to.

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