Monday, 12 July 2010

Devore Leaves (3)

Various people made suggestions as to leaf placement (thanks to you all) and I tinkered with it a bit myself. So this is the current placement. Having seen it as a photo, I now think the fourth leaf from the bottom needs to move to the right. (Note the colour is not right in this photo - far too dark).

I shall give it another day or two. To introduce another colour into the leaves, I painted the sample with SETA silk paints. It wicked from the  two small leaves into the body of the scarf but was contained within the large one. Not sure about this. The paint needs heat setting. I will try to wash out the paint with cool water. If that does not work , I won't risk painting  the scarf.

I have made progress with warping up for the caladium piece on the Megado. I have not used the warping wheel for a bit and the counter is now definitely kaput. So I have emailed AVL for a new one. The current warp can be completed without the use of the counter since there is  only 4 yards of warp. But the next Megado piece definitely will need a counter.

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