Friday, 16 July 2010

Caladium Leaves

Caladium leaves on the loom. I have turned the photo upside down because that is the way it will be hung. The top section has a black weft and is in a 3/1 broken twill. Bonnie Inouye commented on the draft for this weaving that she would not herself do a colour gamp with this draft but use quite different colours in the weft. You know something? I think she's right. I have used the same colours in the weft as in the warp but not in the same order because using the same order would mean that there is a diagonal of leaves which are texture (self on self). It is not the texture I mind but the diagonal. When I have completed six repeats, I will do another black header and then weave another piece with the few non-warp colours I have. I am wondering if, for the sake of experiment, I could use 2/10 yarn instead of 2/12 because I have a lot of colours in 2/10.It would make the leaves a bit longer which I could live with. The deadline is 25th July so I do not have much time for ordering more 2/12 and weaving it.

I spent an hour in the cellar this morning throwing things out - mostly papers. I do feel virtuous!!

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