Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Caladium Leaves (2)

After a few experiments in colour and yarn size, I decided that 2/10 cotton would be better as weft. Partly this is because of the slightly thicker yarn but, more important, the 2/10 is mercerised and the 2/12 is not. When woven up, the mercerised positively glows.

I only had limited suitable colours for caladium leavse in 2/10, dark green, a vibrant pink and a pale grey/blue

Since I only really want one of these weavings, I went to a draft of birds I showed on this blog some time ago and revamped it. This time I was not so limited in colours and even included some orange. The only thing that has not worked is the bottom row of birds where I turned the draft to be back to front. This means I get a row of different coloured birds but the warp is dominant so their poor feet have disappeared.

I still have more than a yard of warp left and will continue weaving but I will make these up first to see what they look like finished up. I had thoughts of weaving Christmas cards on the rest of the warp but decided that each stripe was too narrow.  So more birds it will be. Thinking of Christmas cards, made me wonder what the effct of Lurex on the birds would be.

Since posting last Friday, we have had family to stay and had 10 for lunch on Sunday. So a great deal of scuttling about

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