Thursday, 29 May 2014

Hampshire Handspun

After the experience of the brown handspun lace scarf, I felt that something soothing would be a good idea. When I talked on acid dyeing to Hampshire Guild two weeks back, I did a dyeing session the day before and took a series of photos. The dyed warp that resulted looked as though it might fit the bill. And it did. I started at 8 in the evening and had woven about 6 inches by bedtime. I had threaded up in 4 shaft twill but sections were reversed and sections were threaded as broken twill. I was weaving as a 2 and 2 twill which did not show up the dyeing enough. After 10 minutes reading a thriller in bed, I got up, unpicked the whole lot and rewove using a 3 and 1 twill.
This has turned into a complicated liftplan with reversals in the lifting and then a change from 1 and 3 to 3 and 1 twill! It does mean the scarf is much the same on both sides. You can see the warp alone at the top of the photo. It definitely needs toning down. But it is pleasure to weave and quite restful.

I have incorporated the series of photos into a section of my website ( Click Here) along with an explanatory text for anyone who is interested.

And now it is back to bookbinding and I am disinclined to start. I only have one shot at this and my mind is buzzing. Do it this way! Remember to do that! I shall be practising everything beforehand. The first thing to do is to do a complete run-through with the spare piece of fabric.

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