Monday 26 May 2014

A Bad Day

This was a bad day on all fronts. I had arranged to go to Bournemouth with Anne and family but cried off as I have a lot to get through before next Saturday. (I hear it poured with rain on the South Coast so I lost nothing there)

First thing this morning there was an email reminding me that samples need to be in by Mid-June for the CW Fine Threads group. I have woven the fabric for the samples but I had forgotten about sending them off a cause des computer illnesses. In the afternoon I created the text to go with the samples, and had to create the graphics as well. Then printed off 35 copies. Fortunately I told the printer to print off the second page first (that's where the sample will go). When I started  on Page 1, it told me in no uncertain terms that that was it until I got some more ink. And I hope to get this off by Friday? Well I have ordered the ink. Tomorrow I will cut up the samples and stick them on Page 2 with archival sellotape. I had to take some new photos and do  a scan as well. So here are the results.
Here is the triangles fabric. Sage green silk 90/2 warp, 30/2 Gold silk weft
And the geometric fabric. Copper silk 30/2 weft. The other side looks really nice too.

In the meantime on the bookbinding front, the Carol book is parcelled up and will be posted tomorrow. But Sweet Thames is in serious trouble. I had practised pasting the Japanese gold printed paper to pastel paper. But the actual sheet is much bigger. I put the tissue down on the pasted backing (having waited till the paste was tacky) and it looked great. Two minutes later, it was wrinkled. Five minutes and it was badly wrinkled and has stayed that way until it was dry. So I have two problems. What do I use on Sweet Thames and what am I going to do with three sheets of this beautiful paper if I cannot stick it to anything?

So I inspected the paper stash and found a really nice 1930s paper which will do very well.

 Sweet Thames was published in 1941 so it fits stylistically. Tomorrow looks like being more of the same. I shall be quite glad when I leave for Pittsburg on Friday. At least it will be restful.

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