Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Texture Samples

The results of tumble drying the weekend's samples. From the top, stitched double cloth where the warp wool did not shrink but the weft did giving a stripey effect. The turquoise and dark green sample is in overshot and is very 3D which does not show up at all well in the photo. The lowest one is the shibori where the weft was polyester and that has crinkled up nicely. I am unsure what to do with the remaining stitched double weave warp on the Voyager. I don't want to do any more texture with it and might just weave it off with more of the non-shrinking yarn. I am taken with the idea of doing overshot. Stacey Harvey-Brown had a wonderful exmple of Blooming Leaf in white on white which I fancy.

Yesterday was mostly spent coping with an unforeseen problem with binding the Jules Verne books. The text block came from the States and so is in States-size paper and, when I printed out the endpapers, they did not fit. Fortunately I had some US size paper and managed to use that. It is not high class paper but will have to do. A bigger problem is the cover. I designed the cover as a complete wrap around and had intended to  paste it onto book cloth but there would be a margin all the way round - even if I used my US paper - which is certainly not strong enough for a cover. So after a bit of thought, I printed out one cover onto JetFX paper and applied it by way of a hot iron to a large piece of cotton. When it had cooled, I painted a wide gold border all the way round. Today I need to paste this to paper and tomorrow I will make up the cover and see if it has worked. This took most of the day yesterday what with trying things out.

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