Sunday 14 October 2012

Coptic Headbands

This is one of the three books in a Coptic Binding to which I have added a Coptic Headband. It is the stitching in gold silk thread at the top and bottom of the spine. All three look fine although not perfect. They are more secure than before.

Yesterday I taught the first class in 'Create your Own Drafts'. Not sure my explanations were clear enough. And even more unsure what to do about it. Fortunately we have the Guild residential weekend next weekend and I will have a word with the students and see what I can do to improve the presentation and help them. The next Drafting class is not for four weeks.

For some months, I have been bothered by the topic of fonts, particularly for text associated with books. I have bought lots of books and delved into websites and now I have got round to doing something and you can see the results on the left. I like Trajan - but it does not have any lower case. Forum which is very like Trajan does have lower case but, although it is very like Trajan, it is, on close inspection, poor. Caslon is a famous font and Garamond and Plantin are very like but Caslon is better. So the decision  is to use Trajan for titles in Upper Case and Caslon for text. And all the fonts are now installed in Photoshop.

My son-in-law, Robin, has been busy framing pictures this weekend and complaining loudly about the way I store the mount board and the framing. So this morning we took all the mountboard upstairs and stored it flat, put new Spur shelves in the garage and shifted all framing out there. There was already some framing in the garage. We now have three times as much out there.  I need to do some framing myself but must do the warp for Stacey's course first.  

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