Sunday 7 October 2012

Current Status

Current status is looking better. I have caught up with a lot of paperwork. I have some more to do but I have adopted a habit of working on paperwork from first thing in the morning until elevenses and then stopping no matter where I have got to. It is very odd that I seem to have more paperwork without the business than I ever had with the business but I think that is due to two factors. Firstly Michael used to do a great deal of the paperwork while I concentrated on working on contract. Secondly I am still trying to clear up Michael's affairs and am about to try and sell some of his stuff on Ebay and Amazon. I am also trying to amalgamate the current five computers down to three. But progress is being made.

Yesterday (Saturday) I was at Kennet Valley Guild. This month's Challenge was Tetrahedra. I attempted to create a Diversified Plain Weave which would look like tetrahedra and I did not succeed. What was submitted was very very interesting (I don't have any photos which is a great pity). The items included - a folded book in tetrahedron shape, a piece of braiding on wire (I didn't understand how she had got there), a knitted scarf which somehow folded into three tetrahedra (!!)  and a pile of tetrahedra bean bags which formed into a teddy bear. All I can say is that all the submitters must have advanced 3D perception. Staggering!

I also discussed with Rosie Price the use of a length of Takedai braid with a woven book I am making. We think it can be done - all I have to do is to weave the book!! It is next on the list after Michael's enamels on the Megado.

Last night and today I concentrated on two pieces of writing. It is that time of year when the CW Japanese Textile Study Group wants an input to its Newsletter and my contribution is on Hana-ori which is a weaving technique from Okinawa. It took quite a long time to write as I had to look up references, find the correct photos and get jpg files from the drafts. I have created two drafts which mimick the piece I own very well. I am waiting for the yarn to arrive from Sweden and then will weave  a sample for each Study Group member. I am wondering if I should have a website so that such articles could be put on the web in one place. The background yarn is set at 40 epi and is 30/2 turmeric yellow cotton. The ground weft is three strands of the same cotton plus brightly coloured 10/2 cotton as pattern.

I have also written the first presentations for the four classes on drafting. I have not done this before and wonder how the class will take it. Back to Powerpoint. I used to do a lot of Powerpoint presentations when I ran the business and it has all come back to me. I have gone back to my old ways which is to finish the presentation completely and put it aside for several days. So come Wednesday I will spend a few hours going through it.

Tomorrow I will get back to threading up the Megado.

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