Monday, 15 October 2012

Power Cut

I woke up this morning to a power cut which immediately filled me with alarm. I have reduced Michael's collection of computers from 17 to 5 (not counting the laptop) but the system is horrendous. Three of them are LInux and two are Windows and they are all linked together and have the names of Greek Gods (don't raise an eyebrow at me. It wasn't my idea) So we have Diana, Iris and Apollo as Linux and Vulcan and Bacchus as Windows machines. The problem arises from the fact that we have a comprehensive firewall and all internet traffic is through that and that is on Diana. So if I can't get Diana to work, then I have no internet. Even the laptop goes through that firewall.  

Last year when I was reducing the number of computers, I wrote copious notes and the first thing I did this morning when the power came back on was to re-read the notes, then take a deep breathe and start each computer up one after the next - and they all worked, following my notes!! I am astonished and mightily relieved. Last year before I sorted all this out I was without internet for ten days while I found out how to do it.

You might ask why wasn't I following Michael's notes - because there were none. I had to have one of his Linux friends round last year to help me. As I showed him out the door, I remarked that it was a real pity that we could not find Michael's notes and he laughed at me and said, 'I worked with Michael for 15 years and he never made notes about anything. He carried it all in his head'. This of someone who ran a Government software group?

Anyway there was no gradual waking up this morning.  I am wide awake and will now go and warp up the Voyager for next weekend. Although I think a bit more reduction in te enumber of computers would be a good thing.

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  1. I think your Michael and mine have some characteristics in common, both with regard to the number of computers in the house, and also the lack of written notes as to how to cope if it all fails. Glad you've got it all up and running!



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