Friday, 26 October 2012

A Few Completed Projects

My grandchildren brought back two scrolls from China on which a scribe had written their names in Chinese calligraphy. There was a family discussion on how these should be framed and it was decided that I would mount them on nice paper and add a holder top and bottom. The children were offered a choice of anything from my paper stash. Madi chose an elegant Japanese chiyogami paper while Alex went for owls (not sure about this myself). Here they are completed and ready to go to them tomorrow.

Yesterday I had a good long session on No 2 Drafting session which is on twill. I think it is better. I have put it to one side for the next few days as I am away in Andalucia. I will mull it over while away. Another completed project is dealing with our glut of apples especially the windfalls. They are being turned into apple jelly as I write. 

And I created a totally different draft to use up the rest of 'Texture' warp from last weekend. The warp is tied on again and I have woven the header and a few inches. It is NOT to shrink. I am using the same wool in the weft as is in the warp - which did not shrink. It is an ornamental stitched double cloth. I have always liked the stitched double cloth shown on Page 173 of Ursina Arn-Grischott's book on Double Weave. I have woven 90/2 silk in stitched double cloth because it allows you to get the detail of a pattern on a very small scale while being a robust cloth. But I have a sneaking feeling that sooner or later I will weave a wool length and make a reversible jacket. Rosie Price and I had a long discussion recently about how you would do the seams. She thought a French seam. I thought bind every edge and sew the bindings together. We decided I should consult with Gill Arnold before starting such a project.

And on the domestic front, one of Michael's instruments has been sold. And someone on Freecycle wanted a microfiche reader. So I dug mine out, checked it still worked and offered it. It was snapped up by one very happy man who was not expecting a dinky portable one.

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