Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tidying Up

Tha garage has been swept clean of spiders and there has been a substantial trip to the tip with cardboard boxes and the like. I have even phoned up Worcester NHS and asked them to come and take away some of Michael's equipment which he no longer needs. The Calor Gas stove is up and running but I have to re arrange the equipment to make it more convenient to access. And the floor needs sweeping. The indigo dye solution needs to be made up.

The entries for EXOTICA at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens have had hanging dowels inserted. Each dowel is slightly shorter than the pocket it sits in and has a metal eyelet screwed into each end. This idea came from Sandra Rude. It is hardly visible and the suspension wires or cords go vertically. The organisers also wanted a label sewn on the back and a separate label on a piece of string. The trouble with this exhibiting lark is that every organisation has a different set of posting/packing/labelling requirements.

So today's jobs are
  • finish off in the garage
  • make up the indigo dye solution
  • finish off the last example of Japanese book binding. The paper and the covers are ready
  • finish off a Coptic bound book. Again the papers and the covers are ready but I may try a fancier form of stitching
That should do for today!

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