Monday, 23 August 2010

These are two bucket bags for the loom bench with the Megado. They are intended for parking shuttles et cetera. The Megado is a bit short of places to put things. The top of the castle is large but small things tend to bounce off after a long session of weaving. The fabric of the bags is the network drafted trials on the end of the Caladium Leaves warp. Both use the same draft but one weft is yellow and the other dark blue.

The handles are wide ribbon from the ribbon stash.

I have been preparing for a day's dyeing next Friday. I had some yarn skeined up for the indigo vat ten days ago which was not used and I have prepared another 5 section warp to be space dyed in blue and green. I have a lot of fine merino indigo dyed which will do nicely as a weft. I have also started on a tidy up in the garage. I think getting rid of the spiders and their webs is tomorrow's job.


  1. I don't have a Megado (I have a Spring), and I've found that a mini bread basket that I made from a kit fits just perfectly in the little shelf to hold pirns and bobbins. I like it so well, that I'm thinking of making another, or one that is the same width, but longer, that will hold more.

  2. Don't worry about the spiders and the webs for us. See you Friday. Rosie



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