Sunday, 22 August 2010

Printing with an Arabesque

So this is it printed. It is sized for an A5 book so that one motif appears on the front cover and one on the back. I printed the right hand one first, then got the mirror image by folding the cloth about the centre line and using the excess ink on the image to get the mirror image. I did another piece of cloth first and got the centreline wrong - not showing that one.

This is a larger piece of cloth for an A4 book. I printed the image on both front and back, being very careful about the position. Then when it was folded in half to take the second printing, this  image appeared. It looks as though it was carefully planned - it was just serendipity.

The three pieces of cloth are drying at the moment while I catch up with the tidying up. I have not even got things into the right room yet!

I have decided I am displeased with the indigo scarf and will do another one immediately with acid dyes. I see that I have entered the indigo scarf for the Royal Berkshire Show at Newbury next month and actually mentioned it was indigo dyed. I wonder if they will notice if it turns up acid dyed? I think I would rather be disqualified than enter something I was ashamed of.

I have realised that I have a lot of merino which was dyed in the indigo vat for use as weft so I am thinking of a green/blue space dyed warp. Memo to self, the weft always tones down colours so space dye using really dark blue and green.

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