Monday, 30 August 2010

Fancy Weaves for Caladium Leaves

I have been thinking about caladium leaves again and, in particular, something Bonnie Inouye said some weeks ago about my using a 3&1 and 1&3 twill for caladium leaves. She would use Biederwand.

At that time, I tried using Fibreworks to generate such a draft and failed, ending up with too many shafts, like 60. I was in a hurry then and decided I would go back to it later and simplify the base drawing - as well as inserting a better central section for the leaf. So the photo shows the four drafts which I can do on 32 shafts. I could use other settings for these weaves but only at the expense of simplifying the drawing still further. The weaves are

Top Left Biederwand
Top Right Biederwand Half blocks
Bottom Left 1:4 Lampas stitched
Bottom Right 1:4 Lampas stitched Half Blocks

I like the solid colour on the left. On the other hand, I like the 'wriggly' centre sections on the right.
One good thing about this is that the left hand weaves come from the same threading and the right hand weaves come from a different threading but the same for both types of weave. The left hand weaves take 160 threads while the right hand ones take 95 threads.  So you could have a big leaf if you warped up  the LH ones with cotton at 24 epi. With 90/2 silk at 60 epi, the LH width would be 3 inches!!! Wouldn't that be great?

I certainly do not understand these weaves yet but have set myself the task of doing so over the coming winter. The Voyager will be off on loan to a beginning weaver next week and the Megado has a tencel curtain warp waiting for me. So I will warp up the Louet Kombo on 8 shafts and start sampling soon on some simple rectangular shapes.

Remember this is just aimed at perfecting weaves of caladium leaves!!! But I see improve-ments!!!

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