Monday, 9 August 2010

Alan Plater

We have always been keen on Alan Plater and Michael recently bought 'The Beiderbecke Tapes' on DVD. We are watching one episode per evening - I had forgotten it was so funny. Now all I have to do is to lay my hands on a copy of Trinity Tales, Alan Plater's take on 'The Canterbury Tales'

I have in our cellars the technical files for 26 years worth of engineering work and decided that they will have to go so today a firm came round and removed 10 sackfulls for destruction - and I have only got to 1989!! I am going to be at this job for some time.

But between these pastimes, I have wound several skeins of Tencel on to cardboard cylinders ready for warping up the Megado. The warp is stripes of two different space dyed yarns from Just Our Yarns. The weft is a lurid pink Tencel (dyed with (Procion MX by me). I have decided that the pattern will be a 3 and 1 broken twill so that only a little lurid pink shows on the front surface. In preparation for all this, I assembled the roller temple yesterday and set out to mount it but found that there are problems. The position of the Megado breast beam and its supports is different when under tension with a warp!!! So I will put the warp on and then mount the roller  temple.


  1. I have the roller temple on my AVL jacquard loom, and love it. If yours is like mine, the height of the "cradle" the prickly bits ride in is adjustable, so you can adjust the height once you have the warp on and tensioned. If photos would help, I'd be happy to email some.

  2. Yes please I would like to see a close-up of a roller temple fitted. I have noticed it at the edges of some of your photos.



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