Sunday, 20 February 2011

Transferring Prints to Fabric

At the Bourneville class, I found instructions in a book on how to go from a printed picture to the same on a piece of fabric by way of an Inkjet printer. I tried this morning, taking care to reverse the lettering first. The instructions said 'Print on highclass photo paper, spray the fabric lightly with water, then spray the print (held vertically)  two or three times with water, apply paper to fabric and burnish two or three times'. 

I used Canon Glossy II which appears to be impervious to water. Anyway nothing doing. So I tried Fabbiano Accademia paper - highclass paper but not photo.  If you spray the paper held vertically, all the ink runs down the page so you need to hold it horizontal. It does work - sort of. 

Red is not as good as black printing and black isn't much good anyway. The fabric was just pre-washed off-white cotton. I think this wants more investigation. Use bold lettering? Other fabric?

In between times, I am working on the Morning Glory book.

Preparations are all done for Indigo Dyeing this afternoon.

The photo on the left is a sample for a Double Weave book - hence the interest in getting text onto fabric.

The warp is of two different space dyed Tencels from Just Our Yarns sett at 36epi and the weft is a self colour (blue-green) from the same source. The weave is a 3 and 1 broken twill, making sure that the 3 and 1 is in the opposite hand on the two cloths so that the final result is warp faced on both sides. I did experiment with tabby but the colour of the warp is dulled down a lot. This is a sample with square pages and when I have woven four pages I will cut it off and check it all works. It will be a concertina book. I do have letters I could stamp with but there is too much text for me to be sure of not making a mess anywhere. As the book is continuous, I think this is a mistake. I might stamp the title because that will be shorter and in large letters.  If the worst comes to the worst, I can have Thermofax screens made but that would be expensive. I need to continue exploring this transfer business

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