Monday, 14 February 2011

Indigo Dyeing for Cushions

This is the result of indigo dyeing this afternoon. Cushion weavers were allowed to choose light, medium or dark indigo. The light ones are at the top nearest the camera. There is a very dark one at the lower left - what I call Japanese indigo.

The rest are all medium although there is some variation. When they are dry, I will examine them carefully and possibly overdye some skeins. I still have four not-dyed-at-all skeins but I had no more indigo or spectralite so have sent for fresh supplies. I have kept the indigo bath   and will finish this session off next weekend. 

The different blue at the top but the rear is my own warp, well two of them which are the same as each other but are a lightish mid-blue.

I found it quite difficult to get successive skeins the same shade of blue. The light ones were done at the end of the afternoon when I had got the hang of repeating a colour.

I also dyed two large pieces of cotton by crumpling them and tying up the bundle tightly with string. Both bundles were a bit too large and the pieces have large white patches from the middle of the bundle. I will overdye them but have not decided how. Do I just submerge them and get rid of the white or do I crumple them up differently?

The only other thing of note is that I went to see my GP as my left hand has been troubling me. I expected to be told it was arthritis and take these pain killers, Mrs Foster Not a bit of it. 'Are you quite sure you haven't broken it?' He asked this question at least three times and then organised an X-ray. No pain killers. My sister, Dorothy (a retired GP), put the lid on the day by saying re a possible broken bone, 'Have you thought how you are going to manage Michael if your left hand is in plaster?' Well actually no that had not occurred to me.

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