Monday, 21 February 2011

More Indigo Dyeing

The indigo dyeing on Sunday was a success. I dyed more than a kilo of yarn to the correct depth of colour and also dyed several pieces of cotton. I am keeping the indigo vat until the yarn is all dried and I can sort it into bags for delivery next Saturday. Just in case of shortage, you understand. It went better than the first day because I doubled the size of the dye bath.

I hope to complete any more dyeing needed on Wednesday as I am desperate to finish the wool/silk dyeing and get that warp on the loom. The Megado has been lonely since early December. 

The double weave for the book is going well although I am still searching for a method of printing text on the Tencel surface. The covers for the Morning Glory book are done, glued, pressed and ready. I only need to add the title on the front and sew the spine.

Most of today was taken up with going out to lunch at the Three Choirs Vineyard -  see here. I have to fetch the Community Action van (which has wheelchair access) get Michael into it (not painless), drive round Malvern and pick up two friends then drive for 30 minutes to the Vineyard.  And after lunch reverse all this. It was  a dank damp day with no sunshine but the vineyard itself looked lovely. They are all neatly pruned and the ground is quite hilly. The vines are all lined up but everyone is different. I wish I had taken some photos. It was a good lunch too.

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