Thursday, 24 February 2011

Last Lot of Indigo Dyeing

On Wednesday, all the indigo dyed skeins were dry enough to weigh and sort. I had one mid-indigo skein too many and was a little short on very dark indigo. So I revived the indigo vat in the afternoon, added some Spectralite and overdyed the spare skein to a nice dark indigo. I am getting what is really navy blue this time around.  And since I might as well take advantage of any indigo vat going, I overdyed two pieces of fabric which I knew I would never use in their then state - came out nicely. I also dyed one of the calico shoppers. I have this idea of doing toucans or parrots in Mola work and indigo might be a suitable background colour. 

I got round to finishing off the first 'Morning Glory' book. Brown Pastel paper cover with blue Como silk sewing. The title label really is on square! But the morning glory below the Kanji characters is not bright enough. That has been corrected.

The inside of the book - title page.

This one has a mistake on the front cover in the sewing so it will not do for the exhibition. But I always intended to make 10 anyway to give round the family and friends.

The concertina book, 'In The Event' has been printed out on Bockingford duplex Inkjet paper. It looks good but I had not realised that 190gsm paper would be so difficult to crease exactly where you want it creased. It is glued up and has been pressed for an hour. Now out just to make sure it is drying properly. I will press it again before adding the coverboards. With 190 gsm paper, it is quite sturdy and almost stands up by itself. Almost but not quite. I sent away for some buckles and have tried out various closure arrangements. I eventually settled on black grosgrain ribbon plus a buckle at the back. I shall make one or two more of these books but I don't see this being given away.

I got round to weaving a bit more of the double weave book. and am on my third page now. At 36ppi on a table loom, it is slow going. My sister, Dorothy, sent me a book on transferring print to fabric from Committed to Cloth and I need to practice some of the techniques discussed. What is being woven at the moment is a  four page sample to practice on. But I need to try out techniques on something less valuable first!!!

Anne Field, the devore/collapsed weave expert,  who lives in Christchurch, NZ is okay. Although their house is not seriously damaged, their china and furniture is destroyed. For some hours, they had no water or electricity but facilities are being restored. Our thoughts are with her and the people of Christchurch.

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  1. Your work is superb. The book looks wonderful. Congratulations on a job well done.



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