Thursday, 10 June 2010

Handspun Cushions (4)

I have finished the second cushion of handspun. I replaced the central white section with grey in the weft and it looks fine. I have worked out what to do colour-wise with the third and it looks as though I will have a bit of warp left over. I shall weave up to the very end and use that piece for the initial felting trials. I have decided I would like to try a felt cover to a book and can use the trial piece up.

Yesterday I had a great clear out upstairs where all the textile-y stuff is stored. We took a very nice cupboard downstairs for Michael's room to store all the medical things in. As a result there were piles of blankets and sheets on the floor! They have been found a home which has displaced a lot of yarn and fabric. But I went round to FOCUS in the afternoon and bought three sets of plastic drawers and everything is now off the floor and into drawers. I even have four empty drawers. I was a bit horrified at how many incomplete projects there are upstairs. For a couple of weeks, I think there has to be a rule 'NO NEW PROJECTS' while I try to complete a few things.

Pity because I wanted to start on the caladium leaves. I have ordered some more yarn from William Hall to make a much longer warp because I would like  to paint a sample with silk paints. And I can see a use for the fabric as book covers

Yesterday at bookbinding I made progress with binding Alice In Wonderland. I have got everything ready for making the cover and will put it all together next week. I took a piece of scrap sycamore into class and tried lettering on it. Gold leaf lettering is put on by having a letter on a long handle which you heat up and apply to the book spine or whatever through the gold foil. My original idea was to use the heated-up lettering tools to burn into the wood. I could get a good indentation but no burning. Some else pointed out that I could just use black foil. And it worked!All I have to do now is to learn how to get the lettering aligned.

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