Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Handspun Cushions (3)

This is approaching the end of the first cushion of handspun. The back is plain Jacob. The problem for the second cushion, which I knew from the start, is that I cannot do the same colour way again because I don't have enough white. I do have enough Jacob in a pale grey and will use that. For the third cushion, there is not enough of any coloured yarn and so I will do that plain Jacob on both sides. I decided against a fringe at each end of the cushion. I will turn in the ends and machine stitch them.

Velma Bolyard's papers have arrived and are very interesting. Paper made of daylilies, of rhubarb! Michael has practised lettering on scraps of handmade paper left from other projects and we have agreed what we are going to do. I have also practised drawing wake robins (trilliums in UK-speak as they aren't native here). I have been wondering if I can put lettering on sycamore covers by burning in. I will have to ask Angela Sutton, my tutor, what she feels about it.

The other novelty (for me) is that I bought a pair of shoes on the net and they came today.  They fit perfectly. I cannot get out these days to anywhere decent (Cheltenham for instance) to go shopping and was desperate for a new pair of loafers. My daughter, Ruth, encouraged me to order them at the weekend. In a way, she has the same problem in that she wants to buy UK style shoes and Kuala Lumpur is way too expensive. So she (and the rest of the family order things on-line and they get delivered here. Books, handbags, shoes, exercise dumb-bells - - - - all turn up here.

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