Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Devore Leaves (2)

This is the sample for devore with the freezer paper ironed on. The warp (horizontal in the photo) is Texere's 2-ply wool where the warp was wound in 3 sections, plaited tightly and spaced dyed in brown, orange and yellow. The weft was 2ply merino acid dyed yellow and tencel dyed sage green using Procion MX dyes. The pattern was drawn on the freezer paper, cut out and then the paper ironed on to the sample  which is 12 by 14 inches. The Fibre Etch was painted onto the cut out sections, dried overnight and then ironed to burn out the tencel. I wrapped a piece of aluminium foil round the iron base while ironing.

It took 20 minutes of ironing to burn out the tencel and the smell was horrible. Definitely a windows-open activity. I set the iron on wool to start with but put it up to cotton in the end. There is no sign that the wool has been scorched. After rubbing out the fragments of tencel, it was washed and hung up to dry. 

This photo was taken against the window where the pattern and the colours shows up nicely.  So devore works with these yarns. My only reservation is the colour of the tencel. I would like the background to be darker. Wendy Morris of Handweavers Studio has sent me some samples of their green tencel and I will order the dark green today.

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