Saturday, 5 June 2010

Fan Reed (7)

The Fan Reed fabric is finished and off the loom. This is a scan showing that I can do it without errors. The secret is to ratchet up the tension until you feel that everything is going to go PING at any minute. The basic problem is that there is no guiding wooden rail at the bottom of the reed to help the shuttle stay on the straight and narrow.

I only have 45 inches in length and still have not decided what to do with the fabric. There has been a lot of family discussion on this. Suggestions are

- the front of a jacket. I don't like the idea.
- a cushion. There is enough fabric for that. No-one else likes that idea, only me.
- machine embroider over it or collage it and use it as a wall hanging. I am not enthusiastic.

So I have settled for washing and ironing it!

Since Ruth is here this weekend and can give me a hand with furniture removal, the Louet Kombo was dismantled, moved upstairs and rebuilt. The new table has been moved into place in Michael's room and looks very nice.

I have started on warping up the devore project on the Voyager. I will move it on to the new table tomorrow and work on it there.

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  1. You could use it as a table runner and look at it until you decide to make it into something else:-)



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